Props! and Robert Paulson

Well DHL are coming to take my D60 away any time now so it’s been dismembered and its extremities put in separate boxes until the torso gets back to me (or a torso, anyway). In the mean time I’ve been thinking about using some props for a few series of new photos, so today I went out and bought some of the things I had in mind. As I mentioned before, I’m falling back on my mobile’s camera (it’s a GW520 with fairly typical photographic abilities – no shutter or flash, and a 3MP resolution). I’ve included a photo of my props taken with it since that doesn’t particularly require the kind of mind-blowing colour and sharpness typical of my work (…).

I’ve also included a photo of Robert Paulson, a Halloween decoration we made in the house who has since tragically lost his legs and is now supported by a metal pole shoved up his arse and protruding slightly from his neck. Nonetheless, he remains positive and to keep his spirits up I put him in the window of my bedroom at the front of our house so he can watch the world go by and pontificate on the infinite complexities of inanimateness.

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