Macro Photography… on the cheap

A selection of ordinary household objects (A is a dead spider, in case you can’t see):

Now, using the wonder of Cnflikt’s Macrify Your Mobile With a DVD Lens Guide, the same objects shot with my newly augmented GW520 mobile’s camera (photos of this less than aesthetically pleasing modification soon):

A: dead spider’s head (parts of body out of focus)

B: “REG” from REGINA on a UK five pence piece.

C: “980” from the 1980 date on a penny coin.

D: The point of a (really bloody sharp) kitchen knife.

E: The tip of a (really bloody sharp) craft knife.

F: The lead of a pencil.

If you can’t see the connection between the original photo and the macro shots, you can click the first photo and zoom in on the relevant details.

Finally, here’s a bonus macro shot of my LCD screen, displaying this: “ea”:

Colourful for a blank white background, huh?

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