Meta Update

Okay, several things. Firstly, I got my D60 back from the repair centre today with the flash fixed. Ironically, in an attempt to force them to just give me a new camera I also reported a single dead pixel, which I figured they wouldn’t go to the bother of fixing. Turns out they did fix it by giving the camera a whole new LCD screen, the irony however is that in doing so it seems like they’ve dislodged the eye-sensor which turns off the screen when you look through the viewfinder, so that not it now thinks you’re constantly looking through the viewfinder, and so the LCD won’t turn on unless specifically told to. This is, of course, a far more irritating issue than the original dead pixel.

Secondly, I had planned to pick up the ML-L3 remote and a cheap (and I know you shouldn’t cheap out on these) tripod, but it seems my second bank account has accrued some serious extra charges as a result of me not keeping on top of the monthly insurance payments for, you guessed it, my D60. As a result, I am putting my Messing-Around-With-Composite-Images Project on hold. This isn’t such bad timing because of thirdly.

Thirdly, it’s not the Easter holidays and I have quite a lot of my dissertation to do which will, unfortunately, feature little to no photography (perhaps I can shoehorn it in somewhere, I’ll give it some thought – existentialist photography). This means I probably won’t be updating with a lot of new shots, so don’t expect an influx of photos just because my beloved (if high-maintenance) camera has returned to me.

Finally, I’d include a Welcome Home! shot but I lent my SD card to a housemate who won’t be back until tomorrow, so hold tight. In the mean time here are some of my favourite abandonment photo links:

East LA’s Abandoned Hospital

Chernobyl Today

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