See Through Screen (1st Attempt)

So I was on StumbleUpon browsing photography with the usual intent of stealing other people’s ideas, when I came across this rather interesting technique, naturally I decided to rip it off.

My first, rather haphazard attempt, didn’t go so well.

You get the general idea, but it’s far from perfect. So second time round I set up a makeshift tripod of books, and made some more precise markings for reference, and did some fiddling with photoshop to get everything in the right place (I’d go into more detail about this but I’m a selfish bastard and don’t want anyone taking my method and doing it better).

End result: slight improvement. But then I got to thinking about what else you could do with this kind of setup, and I decided on making a kind of naked scanner, so it looks like the laptop screen displays people without clothes. Unfortunately, lacking a tripod or a remote shutter release, I was limited to taking a picture of my arm, and it just looks like I rolled up my sleeve.

However, method now established, watch this space for a far more interesting version pending the purchase of a remote and a tripod at some stage in the next month. On a related note, if you are a hot girl and want to get your boobs out for “art”, drop me an e-mail. I’ll make you a star.

UPDATE: Just noticed you can see a “Harry Potter” disc on the screen in the third image. I just want to clarify that this was because my nephews were using my mac and not because I love the Harry Potter films and occasionally fantasise about making wand innuendoes at Hermione.

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