Man in the Mirror

Didn’t turn out exactly how I would have liked, owing to the fairly small mirror and difficulty finding an angle that works, but here’s a prototype (with added OTT black&white, grain, and vignette) of the “Man in the Mirror” concept (and if, after reading that, you find yourself humming some Michael Jackson, you’re not alone).

This is also the first time I’ve attached a watermark, which I’ll probably be doing from now on just in case (although I would be rather flattered if someone tried to rip off my work).

EDIT: Have now realised the effect I was going for is totally ruined by the fact the reflection in the mirror is so dark it just looks like an ordinary reflection, as opposed to what it actually is – a reflection looking outwards towards the figure at the window (which is, of course, me…)

I’ve put the brightness up to max in the photo below just so that you can make out the face:

EDIT 2: Here’s my latest attempt at making it look right:

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