Update 02/05/2010: South Leamington/New Format

Having looked at the statistics, crunched the numbers, and listened to the people, I have decided to change the (non-)format of this site from ‘posts whenever I happen to have a few photos ready to go’ to a weekly update on a Sunday starting from today.

Hopefully, this will mean not only that people are more interested in clicking on, but I will have a more even and manageable motivation to take photos.

This week, all of the photos are from, SURPRISE SURPRISE, South Leamington (where I live). They are mostly backstreet or fenced off scenes. I’ve also included some heavily photoshopped mess-around shots which are just a bit of fun.

EDIT: I have also now added a poll to the sidebar so that you can vote on your favourite photos. Admittedly, it looks a bit shoddy right now, I’ll work on it. Winner next week! HOW EXCITING!

Graffitti, wasn’t sure whether the B&W or the heavily desaturated shot looked best so I’ve included both.

A couple of extra dodgy photoshop jobs. Whilst messing about with the sky in the shot directly below it got pretty heavily posterized and lost a lot of the original quality. Still not a bad sort of dystopian effect.

EDIT: Grass Reverse (above) included thanks to suggestions. I’ll stick it in the poll, too.

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