Update 09/05/2010: Night Shots/General Election

First things first – the vote results from last week. It actually ended up as a last-minute draw for first between Staircase and Factory 1, with Factory Window effectively third. Thanks for voting!

As for this week’s shots, clue’s in the title. A fair few low-light long exposures from, SHOCK HORROR, South Leamington. I’ve actually included some photos with real people in them this time, just to mix it up a bit. Election Morning is probably my favourite, capturing in one shot the essence of student life – empty cans, lazy days, old decorations and a little bit of hard work.

Right at the bottom there’s a photo I didn’t take with my D60, I was testing my housemate Chris’ new Canon Ixus 100IS which has a pretty nifty macro function.

As usual, I’ll post a poll for you to vote on your favourite from this week’s collection to be announced next Sunday!

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