Update 20/06/2010: D60-less.

Once again I have sent off my D60 to have the fault the repairmen caused fixed before I move out of Leamington and cancel my insurance. That means that all photos from this week were taken with the Canon SX120IS, which I don’t currently have CHDK installed on, so I can’t get RAW images. Nonetheless, I soldiered on!

As for last week’s poll, the clear winner was Bus which I have slightly updated since last week by tweaking the angle and crop.

So on to this week’s photo, with various locations from Stratford to Kenilworth and a shot of my new Diana F+ Edelweiss – my first film camera YAY.

I am also trying out a “gallery”-style layout for more convenient perusal, let me know what you think via my twitter, because I am desperate for validation.

Poll up as usual!

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One Response to Update 20/06/2010: D60-less.

  1. nikolaus koln says:

    That’s an amazing post. Thanks a lot

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