A unique insight into my life as narrated and illustrated by my housemate/sex buddy through the greatly underrated medium of Post-it notes.“I have a table here”

“This makes me smell a bit better”

“These are my twatish books” – twatish, for the uninitiated, here meaning belonging to a twat. Personally I would have gone with “twattish”

“This is my big tv”

“This is my BFF” – Best Friend Forever

“I love my bucket”

“This is how I listen to my bangin’ bad ass black nigger man tunes”

“I hang my ugo coat here” – ugo/uggo/ugly

EDIT: Found two more the next day:

“This is where I dry my panties”

“This is where I don’t work out”


2 Responses to Post-its

  1. Leanne says:

    What about ‘this is where i don’t work out’?

  2. pinktrainers says:

    Adding that and the radiator post tonight. Sneaky little things.

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